The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


Did you think I was going to write about Christmas, or something?  Heck, no.  Nor am I going to start with that obnoxious summer gloat that teachers like to pull around now.  Nope, no tinsel, no taunting.

It’s evaluation time.

The time of year when I give my students a chance to critique their dear teacher and all that unchecked sarcasm, borderline insanity, sheer frustration and occasional incompetence comes back to bite me in the butt.

I love it.

Reason #832 that I love teenagers?  The brutal honesty and/or total incomprehensibility of the adolescent mind.  I’ve gotten so that I’m reading their evaluations before they even slip out the door, laughing out loud at the answers that range from heartwarming (I now understand Spanish and feel ready to take on more classes,) to well…

Why are you in this class?
a.  graduation requirement   b.  I like Spanish  c.  for college  d.  other 
d. __to eat babies
d.  __French is for losers_
d.    blurrrrg_

Things that would help me if I had to take this class again:
1.  not losing all my vocab.
1,  speaking English
1.  actually working.

And so forth.

But without a doubt, the all-time winner of questions, the motherload of everything I needed to know about my students, myself, my class and more is question #10:  The Top Three Things I Want to Tell Sra.  So grab your hats, folks, and hold on tight.  Welcome to Class Evaluations 2010-2011.

Top Three Things I Want to Tell Sra. at the End of the Year (the compilation)
1.  I like pie.
2.  Hi grandma.
3.  I need an Iron Man Sticker.
4.  I enjoyed your class…mostly.
5.  Sorry I was such a poophead first semester.
6.  I like the way you roll your r’s when you say “Sorry.”
7.  I don’t want to be creepy, but you always wear cute clothes.
8.  Dragons should be allowed.
9.  Batman is in your class first period.  So is Harry Potter.
10.  You are from Texas.  YouarefromTexas.  YOUAREFROMTEXAS*
*Note:  I am not from Texas.
11.  You = awesome.
12.  Happiness is your slave.
13.  I’m drop dead gorgeous.  And a burro malo.
14.  We should go on more field trips.  Or to the zoo.  Or to see drunk hobos, but I don’t think that would really further my learning experience.
15.  I like your voice.
16.  I like cheese.
17.  You hit people.
18. Tell your boss you need to be paid more.
19.  I have a third testicle (dear GOD, I did not need to read that…)
20.  You are a sexiwinkle* boss-beast!!!  You’re the BEST!!

Yup.  One more year down.  We’ll call it a good one.  Who wouldn’t with feedback like that?

*Sexiwinkle is the invented code word for one particular class and was employed to refer to all said class’ members (ie.  “Oh, him?  He’s a 5th hour sexiwinkle”). It in no way denotes inappropriate language or behavior on behalf of the students.  As for the rest of the comments in this list…

No comment.

Happy summer.

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