Toilet Paper

Real Answers From Teacher Workshops on Active Engagement Strategies That Folks Are Crazy Enough to Ask Me to Do, Occasionally

Q.   How is teaching like toilet paper?

A.  We both “roll” with it.
A.  You deal with a lot of…excrement
A.  We both wipe up messes and stinky situations.
A.  We’re being asked to deal with more crap with less material.
A.  You can do a lot with a little.
A.  One square at a time.
A.  It’s all about quality.
A.  There’s a lot of turn over.
A.  Sometimes 1 ply will do, other times 2+ is necessary.
A.  It can be rough, but you can’t be too soft or it won’t get anything done.
A.  It takes care of a job others don’t want to do.
A.  You disintigrate.
A.  It’s not exactly black or white.

Want ideas for analogies in the classroom?  Click here.

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