The thing about a people-based profession is, frequently, the people.

Most people have coworkers.  Coworkers and clients, perhaps.

I have coworkers, kids (150-200 per year), kids’ parents (you do the math), sometimes kids’ social workers, therapists and/or juvie officers.

And that’s when I’m not dealing with kids’ pastors.

“Dear English Teacher,”  went the email, “I am writing to express how truly disappointed I am that you are choosing to teach The Scarlett Letter in your classes.  It is a morally corrupt book that encourages adultery and other depraved behavior.  I must request that Little Suzie be given an alternative assignment.”

“Dear Pastor,”  I responded.  “I am writing to express that due to the First Amendment pastors don’t get an extra say in public schools.  In addition, to communicate with you, a non-legal guardian of Little Suzie would be morally corrupt (not to mention illegal) and encourage more inappropriate emails and other depraved behavior.  I must request that if you have concerns, you voice them to Little Suzie’s parents.”

Ok.  The second part is a lie.  I didn’t send that response.  Primarily, because I don’t teach English and that particular email was not sent to me.  It was sent to a friend of mine, who then vented to me.  Once I had finished wiping my eyes from laughter, I offered up the best advice I could. Don’t take it personally.  With the daily amount of human interactions we have, a little insanity is inevitable.

Plus, it makes the flowers grow.

So, for all of you dealing with a rough week/month/crazy person, hit “play,” kick back, relax and remember…

You’re a dainty little flower.

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