Communication Pathways

Communication Pathways According To School Policies:


Communication Pathways In Reality:


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5 Responses to Communication Pathways

  1. David Hazen says:

    I experienced the reality chain more times than I can count!

  2. I’m the one that would burst into tears … although I’m a man so I’d never show this and instead develop a high cholesterol problem and develop a career as progressive as a bog; you teach me – when will I ever learn? – to practise humour

    • singingpigs says:

      Bwah ha ha! Humor comes in retrospect. I hold my ground, get really pissed off, burst into tears only when I recite the event to my boss (even worse, crying in front of the higher-ups) go home, drink beer, stew for about 1 – 3 weeks. Then, maybe three years, (or a case of beer) later I think it’s funny and make a blog post out of it. Bog or no bog, you’re my favorite curmudgeon of a reader. I get a big ol’ grin every time I see one of your comments. If I ever make it across the pond, I’ll buy you a beer and collect some of your horror stories to turn into humor for my collection.

      • you’re on … but being a curmudgeon don’t come easy: if you get to humour through a haze of beers and years (ha!), I get to curmudgeon through a won’t-let-go of coffee and decades (d’oh) – imagine a curmudgeon … wailing

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