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Right-Wing Nutjobs, Liberal Wieners and Kids Know Best

Against my better judgement, I recently waded into a Facebook debate on education. Three seconds and twenty obnoxious Facebook notification dings later, I came to my senses, quickly clicked “stop notifications,” then ran directly to the kitchen where I did … Continue reading

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Notecard Check-ins (the short and simple version)

Who: Every kid you teach What:  Brief, simple check-ins on paper in order to get kids’ direct and honest feedback on anything. When:  Whenever the hell you feel like it.  But ideally, at least once per quarter. Where: On a … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch the Bathroom Pass (and Other Life Advice From a Teacher)

Don’t Touch The Bathroom Pass (and other life advice from a teacher) A few years in the classroom, a few interactions with teenagers and life has taught me a few valuable lessons in the way only a career in public … Continue reading

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That Time of Year: December Edition

I went to a teacher happy hour this weekend.  Primarily because in the invitational email, the organizer threatened to punch a teenager in the face if she didn’t get some beer.  Not, mind you, because she is a violent sociopath.  … Continue reading

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Deadbeat Dads and Magic Pink Sweaters

The thing with working at a small school is that it doesn’t have an in-school suspension room. We don’t even have detention.  Kids are just referred to the office and dealt with by the principals on an as-needed basis.  Which, … Continue reading

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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

The pop star Rhianna almost killed me this week. Background information necessary for this post to make sense:  I changed jobs this year.  Long version here.  Short version:  I taught Spanish for a long-ass time.  Now I’m aninstructional coach.  Hopefully … Continue reading

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Analogies for Class Feedback

What your students think about your class matters. Those of you who have already been in the classroom for a month ought to be well on your way to developing a feel for your kids, a feel for how things … Continue reading

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